The pre wedding photoshoot plays an important role in the relationship between the young couple and the photographers. Why do we think it is worth doing photo sessions? What does such a session give t...

Once the excitement of becoming a fiancée has subsided slightly and you are ready to start planning your perfect Maltese wedding, one of the first decisions you will need to make will be, among other...

In today’s post we would like to present the example of our cooperation with local restaurants. The photos have been made in Paceville 20, the restaurant in one

The Rule of Thirds and the Golden Ratio are closely related to the composition of a photograph. They help to determine the so-called strong points of the composition in photography. Strong points, on...

After our first visit to the Ghajn Tuffieha, the idea of this photoshoot appeared in our heads. The rocks made a fantastic background for a series of portraits.

We hope you're still enjoying our series of 'Italian' articles as it's high time we took you for another amazing trip.

The rocks at Tuffieha Bay became recently one of our favourite spots to take portraits. We are happy to present the results of our cooperation with Jan Fridrich, model based in Malta. Enjoy the views!

There is no doubt, both young couples and photographers often wonder about the optimal solution for the organization of an outdoor photosession.

The place we visit in today's post was also known years ago as the 'City of Water', 'City of Masks' or 'City of Canals'.

There are several questions that bother you very often, one of them is: "How many photos should be included in the photo album, and who should choose them?"

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