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Portrait photoshoot in Valletta with Bettie Yakov

Updated: Apr 6, 2021

As MWP | Malta Wedding Photo we mainly work at weddings and pre-wedding photoshoots in Malta & Gozo. Today, however, we present to you the photoshoot that we have done for Bettie Yakov. The session was made in Valletta in one of the picturesque streets. In our opinion this is a perfect place for pre-wedding photoshoot also.

Portrait photoshoot with Bettie were held around 1 AM. Photographers often avoid early afternoon hours. There is an opinion that it is impossible to take good pictures in the early afternoon. According to many people the light is too strong. We like to break these rules very much. A good photographer should be able to use any weather conditions. We took advantage of the beautiful streets of Valletta and found some shadows. Our primary goal during this portrait photoshoot was to photograph Bettie on a background of colourful, typical for Malta streets.

Remember that we are able to perform every portrait, pre-wedding or wedding photoshoot in Malta, practically in all weather conditions. This makes us flexible. You do not have to worry about the weather during the session. We will always find a solution for the best results. During that day's work we used Fujifilm equipment as usual and photographed only in natural light. We did not use a flash this time.

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