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The best wedding dresses for summer wedding in Malta.

Updated: Apr 6

Are you looking for the best wedding dress in Malta? Malta Wedding Photo will help you with this! We often advise our clients both in choosing the best venue for their wedding sessions in Malta and in organizing the wedding. Today we will show you the most fashionable dresses for the 2019 season and their history.

Lace dresses are in fashion again! Check out what kind of wedding dress to choose, to feel beautiful and at the same time ask for formation! Are you thinking about a wedding dress? After all, it's a dress that should delight and at the same time keep you entertained until the morning at the wedding party. Choose a lace outfit. It's a beautiful classic that's back in fashion this season. Check out the trendiest styles, because there is plenty to choose from!

History of lace

At the beginning, the lace was used for finishing the sleeves of women's dresses. Now we are happy to wear clothes that are made of lace. Although the fashion for lace began in the 16th century Italians, they still break records of popularity and very often visit the greatest designers on the catwalks of fashion.

Brigitte Bardot is credited with starting the fashion for a lace wedding dress. In the film "Would you like to dance with me?" it appeared in the model inspired by New Look from Dior. The dress was a real hit and since 1959 it has gained a permanent and prestigious place in the wedding fashion. Today, many future wives use dresses with lace. Their choice is really huge!

Lace wedding dresses

Fashion for wedding dresses made of lace never ends! However, there are seasons in which it is even more popular. This is how it will be in the spring and summer of 2019. Dresses with intricately embroidered lace will start to reign and well, because they make a unique impression and emphasize the feminine beauty.

Many interesting styles appeared at fashion shows, ranging from long and matched wedding dresses with deep necklines, through models with a cut, or romantic and airy dresses in the boho style. Thus, every bride-to-be will find something for herself, regardless of whether she prefers modern minimalism or the splendour of a real princess. Lace wedding dress is extremely universal, because it suits every woman!

Popular models of wedding dresses

Do you like lace and think about a wedding dress in this style? Check out the most popular styles of wedding dresses. From a dress with a neckline on the back, through a princess-type dress, to a slightly avant-garde short lace dress. Choose the perfect one for your figure, preferences and the leading theme of your wedding.

Dresses with neckline on the back

Wondering what are the most popular models of wedding dresses and to whom do they fit? Certainly, for several seasons the bride has been more and more eager to wear lace outfits with sensual necklines on her back. These are usually V-shaped or boat-shaped. Such a cut beautifully exposes the silhouette, and also refers to the fashion of the 80s.

Princess-type dresses

Which bride wouldn't want to feel like a real princess at her wedding? Surely most of them! No wonder that wedding dresses in this style are so often chosen. These top-fitting, low-profile styles emphasize the benefits of a woman's silhouette while masking what isn't perfect. Such a dress is an absolute classic and at the same time a tribute to tradition.

With long sleeves

That's the type of dress Grace Kelly wore when she was married. Classic, elegant and dignified. The long-sleeved lace dress is usually A-shaped. Despite the long sleeves, this style will also look beautiful in spring and summer. Good quality lace is airy and comfortable to wear, even at slightly higher temperatures.

Short lace dress

It is also an interesting trend, which will expose the sleek legs of the bride, and will add a girly character to the whole. Small white is a choice for those women who like unusual solutions and are not afraid of the length of the mini. Such dresses were often worn by popular models from the 60s.

Lace wedding dress is a perfect creation for every bride. Feminine, romantic, and at the same time really stylish. What do you think of the most fashionable dresses of the 2019 season? We are wedding photographers in Malta and according to us these dresses look great in pictures.

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