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Wedding reportage in Sliema

Updated: Jan 1, 2022

One of our October weddings in Malta is the story of Ira and Pieter. Although the wedding of this Ukrainian - Dutch couple wasn’t among our biggest events, it became a mix of languages, relatives and friends from various corners of Europe, all gathered to celebrate the love of their closest ones.

We started that day from the ceremony, that took place in the Jesus of Nazareth Church in Sliema. The bright and spacious inside of the church was a prime background for the ceremony photographs and greatly made up for a little bit limited space outside. 

Right after the ceremony, we headed for a short photoshoot in Valletta. A photoshoot on a wedding day, even being limited by time, is a great opportunity to capture a few moments together without loosing the atmosphere of the day. However, it is worth mentioning that it requires good planning and organisation, especially if you wouldn’t like to leave your guests on their own for too long.

Once our photoshoot in Valletta was finished, the time came to start the reception. The venue chosen by Ira and Pieter was the Chophouse Restaurant in Sliema. The guests could admire the breathtaking view of Valletta, while enjoying the service on the highest level. Just before the sunset, catching the last sunrays, we took all the guests together with our couple for some photos on the terrace and when the sun went down, the music played by the Alchemists band was a perfect complement for the atmosphere of the day.

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