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Frequently asked questions are related to wedding and engagement photography. we try to help you understand the methodology of our work. 

1. What is included in the price of wedding reportage?

The price covers services of a photographer, photographer and assistant or two photographers on your wedding day, from 3 to 10 hours of photographing, depending on the chosen package, short photoshoot during the wedding day, online access to the photographs, image processing, selection and full Covid-19 insurance. Of course we can prepare individual package for you!


2. What is the price of wedding photos and engagement sessions?

Current prices are to be found in the 'price list' tab.

3. What about transport costs? Are they included?

For weddings in Malta there are no extra costs of transport for photographers. For weddings in Gozo there is an extra fee of 50 euros. Transport for customers is on their side.

4. How many photos will you finally get?

The number of photographs you will receive is dependent on the size of the package you choose. Taking a look at our reportage packages, you can see that the photos from a wedding range from 100 to 500 while in case of a photoshoot you will receive between 20 and 50 ready, processed pictures. Of course we can prepare individual package for you!

5. How does our work on the wedding day look like?

Our work during church wedding is quite similar to civil one. We can also start in hour place during the preparation, all depends on you. We always start with details, then go through the ceremony and finally at your wedding reception we are with you until the agreed time. We are working in reportage natural style. We try to be not visible on your wedding and not bother unnecessary anyone. We are not using flash light in the church to not disrupt the ceremony.

6. What time do we start work on the wedding day?

The time, at which we come to you and start working is dependent on your wedding plan. We usually come about one hour before the bride puts on her dress. We take photographs of details, such as invitations, wedding rings, wedding bouquet. Then there is some time to capture the last moments of getting ready, it is also a good opportunity for other family members to get used to our presence and feel more comfortable.

7. What is the difference between the session on a wedding day and the one arranged later, on an other day?

The second one takes more time. On the wedding day it takes no longer than half an hour, as it is your day which you'd like to spend with your family and friends. 30 minutes is enough as we both work on best photos for you.

8. How much time does the photoshoot take?

The time of every session can be different, as every couple has various plans, wishes and ideas. A photoshoot after wedding day is longer and may last from 2 up to 4 hours, depending on choice and the number of locations. This amount of time will allow us to work in peace and take the best possible shots without any time pressure. ​


9. You've made the decision. You'd like us to be your photographers on your wedding day. What's the next step?

We're pleased to be your choice on such an important day. The next step after you've decided to choose us is signing the contract. We also take deposit of 30% of the fixed amount. The rest of this sum is paid till the wedding day. All details related to the payment are enclosed to the contract. A few weeks before the wedding day we will contact you to get to know the schedule of the wedding if you would expect to have it. It will be helpful know it earlier to be properly prepared and make the most of every moment to capture as many good photos as possible.

10. Covid-19 insurance for your deposit.

Every single our contract has included Covid-19 insurance for your deposit. If your wedding will be moved to other date due to Covid-19 restrictions we will move the deposit for the new date and we will keep the same price of our service. If you have to cancel your wedding due to Covid-19 restrictions your deposit will be fully refunded.

11. The contract.

When you are decided for our services, we meet to sign the contract or we will sign the contract online with electronic signature. We ask you for the required information and prepare the two copies. One copy is for you and the other one for us. Then we ask you for the deposit, the other part of the total amount is paid by the date fixed in the contract, usually shortly before the wedding.

12. You've hired a wedding consultant. What about signing the contract with us?

We care about the direct contact with our clients because of the personal character of our services. We'd like to meet and get to know you before this important day, that is why we can't agree for the consultant to sign the contract on your behalf.

13. You're after the wedding/photoshoot. What's next?

That's a very good question. A few days after your wedding/photoshoot you get some sample photos. It's kind of foretaste of what you finally get. The whole material is ready two weeks after the wedding/photoshoot in the form of an online gallery. Sometimes it is possible to speak with us about shorter waiting time as all depends on the season.


14. How much time do you need for the photographs with your family members and friends on the wedding day?

The formal photographs (with parents, grandparents, your best man, bridesmaid etc.) take no longer than 10-20 minutes. It depends on how many people there are. We need to know it before the wedding to find the best time for taking these photographs.

15. What about the privacy of your photos?

We publish the photographs on our website. It is important for our clients to have the possibility of seeing the photographs we make as it was important also for you. In addition it serves to promote our services and present our offer. However, if you'd like your photographs to remain just for you, do not hesitate to tell us during our meeting and we'll respect your request.

16. Can I receive RAW files?

We do not share the RAW files with our clients, as they are not ready photographs. The post processing is a big part of our work and creates our style which is presented in the portfolio and accepted by the client at the moment of booking our services. 


17. International wedding.

If you organize an international wedding and look for photographers, who are able to communicate and do the photoshoot in other languages, contact us. We speak English, Spanish and Polish.


18. Who draws up the contract?

We draw up the contract and provide it to you before the photoshoot, so that we can discuss on it's content.


19. How can I make an appointment for a photoshoot?

There a few ways to get in touch with us. You can reach us on our website, though the contact form or by calling us (possible also via Whatsapp). We are also available on our Facebook and Instagram fanpage.​​

+356 77076256


20. How long do I have to wait for the photographs?

This time is always set individually. It depends on the kind of a photoshoot and the amount of photos. Usually it takes no more than two weeks.


21. In what form do you give the photographs back?

We provide all photos via online gallery. We can use all drive options like Google Drive or Dropbox but by our experience we can recommend you Flickr. You will get the best quality and flexible privacy settings.​


22. Are all photographs published on your website or fanpage?

We usually publish some photos on our fanpage or add them to our portfolio. That's the way people can see what we do and probably also the reason you decided to choose us. However, if you don't agree for publishing some photos, we can discuss it, so that you are comfortable with what is published.​


23. Do you help in posing in front of the camera?

Of course, we do! Before and during the photoshoot we show you our inspirations to make posing easier for you. But don't worry, we won't give you any orders how you should behave, just some suggestions. We do our best to create good atmosphere and that's the key to success for every photoshoot.


24. What kinds of photoshoots do you make and what are the prices?

We make many various kinds of photoshoots. Apart from wedding reportages we make portrait, family and pre-wedding photoshoots. We love working with also animals so don't be shy to take your pet to the photoshoot. The prices can be found in the 'price list' section or are fixed individually according to our customers' needs and preferences.


25. I'd like to have a photoshoot but don't have any idea for it - is there a chance to meet you and come up with something interesting together?

As we've already said, we help you from the very beginning to the end of the photoshoot and also a long time before if you wish. We have lots of our own ideas, just let us know and we'll do our best for you to be satisfied.

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