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Pre-wedding photoshoot on Golden Bay

Updated: Jan 1

Below we present to you a full pre-wedding photoshoot which we had the pleasure to do at the beginning of September on Maltese Golden Bay Beach and Tuffieha Bay with Ewelina & Dariusz. As a wedding photographers in Malta we worked on most of the popular places on the island but Tuffieha Bay is definitely one of our favourite wedding destination in Malta.

Photoshoot started early in the morning around 5.45 AM. We took first pictures on the hills near Tuffieha Bay. There we took a few photos with a wide lens Fujinon 10-24. We wanted to capture the beauty of the landscape and emotions of the couple. All next photos were taken near Golden Bay. At the beginning it was the portrait photos and then we entered the water. Weather in Malta without any problem allows us to work in water at this time. If you are planning such sessions even early in the morning it will surely be pleasant.

During this pre-wedding photoshoot, just as during each of our wedding sessions, we worked on Fujifilm equipment. The Fujifilm X-T4 camera, Fujinon 90/2 and Fujinon 10-24 lenses are all fully comfortable to work with during this type of photoshoot. During wedding reportages we also very often use Fujinon 16-55. Many times we get enquiries from wedding photographers on which equipment we work. We have decided to describe a little backstage of our work. Of course if you have any question to us, always feel free to ask!

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