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Why is it worth doing a pre-wedding photoshoot in Malta and Gozo?

Updated: Apr 6, 2023

The pre wedding photoshoot in Malta and Gozo plays an important role in the relationship between the young couple and the photographers. Why do we think it is worth doing photo sessions? What does such a session give to a couple of fiancées? And what can such a session be used for? About this a few words below.

Pre wedding photoshoot - as a psychological aspect

A pre wedding session is a short meeting with a couple before the wedding. We emphasize that before the wedding, because there were situations when the couples did not manage to organize themselves before their wedding and wanted to do such a session after the wedding. And of course, no problem, but... You lose a lot in such a case. Because a session is not only a photographic meeting to take pictures.

It is very important that during taking these pictures we get to know each other. The lock is released (like in a lottery after pressing a magic button). And like in a dartboard - hundreds of balls circulate around each other. And during the session - these balls are emotions. Released by the blockade, or stress associated with posing, they start to live their own lives. And believe me, magic happens!

We don't know a couple who have no objection before the session. Most often we hear: "I can't pose "I don't like to pose" and "I'm not photogenic/nonphotogenic". Many people are stressed by the fact that it will not look good on the pictures. Women worry about whether they will pose nicely and men worry about how to do it to get out of this session. Do you know why? Because it is very difficult (usually) to show emotions. And in this situation, couples have to do it in a public place, with strangers, and later - other people will watch it. And stress and reluctance before the session is ready.

That's why it's so important for us to get rid of this stress. If the couple get to know us, get used to us and our cameras, we won't be an additional source of stress for them on the wedding day. They will stop seeing us, they will stop worrying about whether we will take good pictures of them. They already know that our task is to show them the best possible profile. And that is why this psychological aspect of the fiancée session is a perfect introduction to our work on the wedding day.

We can see a huge difference between the couples we met during the session and how it affected the wedding day photos and the couples who couldn't/ didn't want such a session for various reasons. This blockade is very important. Without it and without stress - the couple focuses on something else and doesn't care if someone is running behind them with a camera.

Pre wedding photoshoot is one of those photographic meetings, which we love in our work for the fact that thanks to it couples open up to us. They gain self-confidence and are willing to be photographed. They stop focusing on the lens that follows them. They are able to open themselves up to each other and to the situation that awaits them. After all, on the wedding day we will not give them up almost to the next step. And since they already know us, they trust that we want to take the best possible pictures of them - they behave naturally. And this is the naturalness and freedom that we want on our wedding day. Pre wedding session is a great opportunity to diversify your wedding photos. Fiancé Sessions are a great opportunity to take pictures in Tuffieha, Mdina, Valletta and many other places on the same day.

This is the day when absolutely nothing should distract or stress a couple. At least it's good to find a way to minimize negative emotions. We have found it. Therefore, before you reject a session from wedding packages, consider whether it is worth taking advantage of the unique and unique opportunity to photograph you as your fiancé?

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