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How to choose an engagement ring in Malta?

Updated: Apr 6, 2021

Determine your budget

The ring is a symbol of love, so the most important thing is the feeling and not the amount that was spent on buying jewellery. Determine the real amount of money you can spend on the ring, that will not ruin your financial situation. In Anglo-Saxon countries the rule is that the value of the ring should oscillate around 1 - 2 salaries of the person buying it. In some other countries, however, this rule is not very important. Gentlemen rather decide to spend a certain amount based on the possibilities of their wallet. However, if you care about a quick purchase and you do not have enough money for this purpose yet, it is worth considering the installments purchase, that is offered by more and more jewelers. No matter if you plan to spend several hundreds or several thousands euro - you will surely find beautiful jewelry in the price range set by you.

Select the stone in the ring

For decades diamond has been the most desirable stone in engagement rings. It is not without reason that the saying that women love diamonds has become commonplace. And it is not just a result of fashion shaped by the media. A diamond is the hardest of all the minerals naturally occurring on Earth. In addition to ensuring the durability of the jewellery itself, it is a beautiful symbol of the durability of the relationship. The stone, especially in the typical diamond cut will always shine captivatingly on the hand of your chosen one because it is completely resistant to scratching and matting. You can also consider choosing colourful gemstones such as sapphire, ruby or emerald - they are almost as hard as diamond and equally beautiful. Due to the durability of engagement jewellery, we do not recommend purchasing semi-precious stones such as zirconia, unless the woman of your choice has a weakness for them.

Decide on the color of the gold

Until several years ago, engagement and wedding rings were dominated by the classic yellow gold. Today, however, more and more women choose white gold. Try to recognise the preferences of your beloved. Take a look at the jewellery store and see what colour dominates. Engagement jewellery should be a match with the rest of her jewellery. If your fiance wears silver jewellery, we advise you to buy the ring made of white gold. If she is a supporter of classic gold jewelry, we recommend choosing from yellow gold. For those who are undecided an interesting solution are also rings made of two-colored gold, combined shades of gold and white.

Specify the style that suits your future fiance

The engagement ring will adorn your partner's hand until the end of her life, so it is worth paying attention that it suits her taste. The scale of the variety of rings available on the market is surprising - from classic designs, to retro and avant-garde style. The most important thing is to match it to the style in which your partner feels best. Take a look at what jewellery she wears looks like - whether it is dominated by delicate and classic patterns, or rather bold, modern shapes. In the first case, the one-stone engagement ring in classic design will prove its worth. In the second scenario, we recommend choosing a more distinct pattern, which is often characteristic for multi-stone rings. Compositions of small stones create richly presented patterns of flowers, rings or shields. If your girlfriend does not like wearing jewellery, definitely opt for a subtle pattern with one, centrally placed stone, which will ensure greater comfort for the bride to be.

Check the quality of gold and stone

No matter how delighted you will be with the flawless glow of the ring seen in the jewellery store offer, always make sure that the quality of the product goes hand in hand with the aesthetic values. Sometimes diamonds have defects that are invisible at first glance and without knowing it, we can easily fall victim to fraud. Each ring with a diamond should have a certificate of authenticity, on which all parameters of gold and diamonds are confirmed. Verify if the product you are planning to buy has such a document. The certificate should contain 4 basic parameters of the stone: type of grinding, purity of the stone, color of the stone and its mass.

In the case of gold quality, we must pay attention to the alloy of which the ring is made. This alloy is characterized by high content of gold with admixture of other metals, thanks to which the ring will be more durable and more resistant to scratches and deformations. The lower the gold sample, the smaller the amount of gold used to make the ring binding, and thus, its quality is lower.

Check the size of the ring

It's rare for a man to know exactly the size of his beloved's finger. So this is a challenge for almost every buyer. There are several ways to get to know it without raising suspicions. If the bride to be has a ring that decorates her ring finger there is no easier way - take it to a jeweler who will tell you what size the ring is. You can also ask a friend of your beloved for help. Pretending she thinks of choosing the ring for herself, she will go to the jeweller with your fiance and by trying on the jewelry together will find out what size will be appropriate. If you can't decide between two sizes before buying, it is always safer to choose the larger one. It's better that at the time of the engagement it loosely fits the finger of your fiance than it would make it impossible to put it on. Be sure to check before buying that the jeweller you buy the product from offers the size correction included in the price - if so, you are guaranteed that after the engagement you will perfectly adjust the size of the ring to the fiancée's finger at no additional cost.

Compare prices with competitors

Perhaps this information will surprise you, but the prices of rings with exactly the same parameters can sometimes vary by as much as 100% depending on the jeweller's offer. Never buy jewellery in the first jewellery store you find, as this is the easiest way to overpay for the product. To make the most rational decision, compare offers in several stores and pay attention to the following aspects:

- the gold alloy used in the ring

- availability of the certificate

- lead time for the contract

- delivery methods and costs-conditions of ring correction

- conditions of returning the ring

- the warranty period granted for the product

- online shop reviews

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