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The best wedding photographer in Malta

Updated: Apr 6, 2021

The topic for today revolves around our photography, background, style and work but also Malta as a place for a destination wedding. Would you like to find out more about how we work? Are you considering Malta as a place for your destination wedding? If the answer to at least one of these questions is yes, you’re welcome to discover what we have prepared here for you.

Who we are?

We are wedding photographers, currently living in Malta, where we decided to settle and develop our services. Before coming to Malta, we had been to various countries in Europe, like Italy, France, Germany, Latvia, Monaco and many others. Some of them we have visited as tourists and in some places we spent more time, living our lives. The dream of living in the south of Europe, close to the Mediterranean, brought us to the tiny island of Malta, where we discovered amazing opportunities for wedding photography, that with time, became not only our passion, but also profession.

Our style and work

The style of our photography could be described in these two words: simple yet elegant. The way we take our photographs has been created quite naturally and is a pure definition of what we consider to be a good photo. We try not to follow any temporary trends, rather to create the timeless style that will always find its followers. Our wedding photography in Malta is mostly about the reportage photography. Our main aim is to catch moments, not necessarily posed ones, but the most precious seconds, full of natural emotions and unforced smiles.

Being big enthusiasts of black and white photography, we usually make it around one third of a full reportage, what also finds big appreciation among our clients.

Our clients

In our job as wedding photographers in Malta we meet couples from around the world, among others: Japan, USA, Turkey, the Netherlands, Ukraine, Poland, UK, Ireland, Lithuania, Serbia, Hungary, Romania and of course Malta. We have to admit, we consider ourselves to be extremely lucky having this opportunity of getting to know people from various corners of the world, together with their culture and wedding traditions.

Apart from weddings, that are at the moment the biggest part of our work as photographers in Malta, we also take photos at other kinds of events, like baptisms, family celebrations, private events. We also cooperate with some local businesses: restaurants, manufacturers and various kinds of entrepreneurs in terms of product and commercial photography.

Weddings in Malta

Although Malta is such a small island, its climate, beauty and charm make it a perfect wedding destination. It offers fabulous venues and numerous service providers not only for local couples but also for those, who organise their wedding in Malta from abroad. Considering the exceptionally favorable weather conditions, the wedding season lasts here all year round and the opportunities are countless. If you dream of a wedding ceremony at the beach or romantic photoshoot in the old capital, there is no doubt you should consider Malta as your wedding destination!

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