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How to organise a destination wedding in Malta?

Updated: Apr 6, 2021

At a time when going abroad to look for work and make money is normal, couples are often faced with the difficult task of organizing a destination wedding. Taking care of all the necessary formalities and organising the whole wedding while you live abroad can be very difficult. You will need perfect organisation and patience. The destination wedding in Malta is much easier because of the English language being one of the two official languages in Malta. Lack of time to do the necessary things can be the biggest obstacle. How to organise a wedding remotely and is it even possible? I invite you to read the article in which I will try to clarify everything.

6 things you need to keep in mind when organising your destination wedding:

Organisation of timeudget for the renting of the wedding venue - the decisive argument.

If you and your partner are not good organisers and precise planning of your time causes you a headache, this point can be the most difficult one for you. When organising your wedding remotely, you will need perfect organisation and time management skills. It may be necessary to take a few days off for the time of your arrival to Malta. This will help you to deal with the necessary formalities in the church or wedding venue. Arrange your holidays and all meetings in advance so that you can fit them all within the time you will be in Malta. You can make an appointment for a test hairdo and makeup, see the venue, talk to the photographer and a DJ or a band. Just make the most of this time and plan it carefully! Don't leave everything to chance - you'll be very disappointed.

Internet and phone - your ally.

Fortunately, we live in the era of the Internet and mobile phones, which greatly facilitate contact between countries. Use it! You can do a lot of things using internet communicators and phone. By maintaining constant contact with subcontractors and family you will be able to control most of the matters related to the organisation of the destination wedding. For meetings that don't have to be held face to face, schedule a meeting on Skype, for example. This will save you time and money that you would have to spend on an extra trip to the destination country. Many photographers, musicians and decorators will certainly have no problem communicating with you online or by phone to discuss details.

Opinions on the Internet and social networks.

If you don't want to look "blindly" for the best subcontractors who will be able to implement your vision, this is the advice for you. There are many groups on social networking sites and forums where other people planning their wedding recommend or warn against some service providers. This can help you find a recommended photographer, florist or team without hours of searching. You can easily view their portfolio and make preferences for certain services without leaving home.

Invaluable help - not only of those closest to you.

When planning your destination wedding in Malta, you may need the other members of your family or friends who will take care of and coordinate some things for you. If your parents or close friends have the time and willingness to help you - you are very lucky! For example, they can visit the venue and take pictures of it, find the best wedding cake and talk to service providers. If you have doubts about a photographer or musicians and would rather have someone talk to them face to face before you are 100% sure to take them, you can also ask someone close to you. The help of people who live in the place where the ceremony is to take place will be very important and will relieve you of many of your responsibilities. Remember to say big thank you to them later on!

Wedding planner.

If you don't want to burden your loved ones with the wedding organisation, or if you just don't have the opportunity to do so, why not consider renting a wedding planner in Malta? This is the person who will make it easier for you to organise your wedding and take over a large part of the responsibilities. This will save you a lot of time and stress! Not only will such a person go to a meeting with service providers and describe your expectations. They will also compare offers and help you to choose the best one. Using the services of a professional, you can discuss almost everything over Internet and telephone. If you have bigger budget, it is worth investing a part of it to hire such a person. If you feel that an independent organisation will be too overwhelming for you, start looking for the best consultant!

Record and collect documentation.

When organizing a wedding in Malta from abroad, but also in case of a regular Maltese wedding, it will be necessary to collect all important documents such as bills, invoices, e-mails and contracts in order to make destination wedding more enjoyable. In case of problems, you will be able to make a complaint. You can also create a special notebook or note on your phone or computer to record your progress and check the things that are already done and those that still need your attention. The organisation of a wedding consists of a lot of elements. If you don't write down some of the details, you can just forget about them, and that's just extra stress.

Your dream destination wedding in Malta. Is it possible?

They say that for those who want something really strong, there is nothing difficult in it and in this case it is true. If you really want to organise a wedding in Malta, living abroad, it is possible. It is worth remembering, however, that it is more difficult than organising everything in the place you live at. Not everything can be arranged via phone or e-mail, but organising a destination wedding is also not impossible. It is important to remember about the possibilities we've discussed. They will make it a little easier for you to prepare for the wedding! Good luck!

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