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How to prepare for a visit in a wedding dress salon in Malta - step by step.

Updated: Apr 6, 2021

Trying on and choosing a wedding dress is definitely one of the most pleasant moments when preparing for a wedding. However, it may also turn out to be one of the most difficult moments. After all, you have to choose wisely so that the dress is your beautiful attribute that will dazzle everyone and you will feel great in it. Before the first visit in a wedding dress salon a lot of questions may arise in the head of the bride-to-be. How to prepare for a wedding dress fitting? When to start looking for a wedding dress? What to wear to measure the dress? To completely dispel your doubts, I have prepared this article for you. Check it out!

When to start looking for a wedding dress?

While many people have so many opinions, one thing is certain - the passing time does not work in your favor in this case. The sooner you start the fittings, the better for you. In my opinion, the best time to start searching is around 9-6 months before the planned wedding in Malta. You will have enough time for fittings and visits to several salons. Thanks to this, the whole process will run without unnecessary stress and without fear of lack of time. The last moments before the wedding are better spent on finishing details and completing formalities than on looking for a wedding dress at the last minute. Remember also, that any alterations of a wedding dress need extra time. It is not easy to find a salon that can make all the adjustments of the dress just before the ceremony.

Make an appointment.

Of course, you can enter the salons spontaneously and without prior appointment. However you may not be served, as the staff will be taking care of another client and you will only be disturbing. If you are planning a good and useful fitting and want to spend the whole day on it, choose 1 or 3 places to visit and make an appointment for a specific date and time. It is best if it is a day off, when you do not have a lot of responsibilities and you can prepare yourself for the visit. It guarantees that you will enjoy these planned appointments and that the service will be focused on you. You will feel "like a princess" and you will not be rushed.

Establish the budget.

Before visiting the wedding dress salon, set the budget you want to spend on your outfit. Being too spontaneous is not good in this case and can only cause disappointment. What if you try on a dress that you like a lot but is not completely within your wallet's reach? Another cheaper one may not make such an impression on you anymore and you will be sad that you can not afford the more expensive one. When going to the salon, have in your head the amount you want to spend on the dress. From the very beginning, tell the salon staff which price range of the dresses should be presented to you. Of course, if you can, allow yourself a small margin from your budget. If the dress you fell in love with is a little more expensive than you would like, I think it's worth turning a blind eye and adding the missing part. Within reason, of course!

How do I dress up to try on a wedding dress?


In this case, the most important thing will be comfort. You don't have to buy expensive underwear, just the neat one that won't make it difficult for you to try the dress on and you won't be embarrassed in front of the staff. Choose a white or skin-coloured set consisting of a seamless bottom and a smooth padded bra with detachable shoulder straps. Eye-catching red or black underwear may spoil the effect of trying on the dress of your dreams and interfere with its perception. I also advise against buying wedding underwear before choosing the dress, because the set you bought may not be compatibile with the dress you chose. Then you may need to buy a new set of underwear, which is just a waste of money.


When it comes to the clothes you should wear for fittings, there is no rule. It's important that you're comfortable and that you don't have to worry about taking them off. Avoid wearing a lot of layers. A simple set consisting of leggings or trousers and a straight top, e.g. a sweater or a T-shirt, will be much more comfortable. If you're going for a fitting on a warm day, you can wear a comfortable dress that's easy to take off with a single movement. The fewer layers, buttons and bindings to get rid of, the better. Remember that on this day you'll be getting dressed and undressed many times so better that this process doesn't take too much time.


You don't have to wear heels for fittings. Put on your comfortable shoes and put the high heels in your purse for a change. It doesn't necessarily have to be the shoes you want to wear on your wedding day. However, if you have already chosen the model, it is worth taking it with you for the fittings. As you know, the silhouette looks different when wearing high heels and most of the brides prefer higher shoes. When trying on a wedding dress, it is worth putting on heels of the height you intend to have on your wedding day.

Makeup and hairstyle.

Choose the hairstyle you'd like to have on your wedding day. If you're planning to have loose hair, leave your hair loose. If you plan to have your hair pinned up, make a bun or ponytail on that day. This will make it easier for you to imagine how the gown will go with your hairstyle. When it comes to make-up, I recommend that you opt for minimalism. Light and fresh makeup is the best solution. The salon staff will usually make sure that the dress is not dirty when you wear it. You may be asked to wear a special "hood" on your head to prevent the dress from stains of the liner and lipstick.

What can I take with me to try my wedding dress on?

First and most important - good mood! It's what will make the fittings pass quickly and pleasantly. You will also need the aforementioned high heeled shoes and possibly accessories that you want to wear on the wedding day. If you already have a veil, jewellery, etc., take it with you to see if it matches the dress you are trying on. It is worth to take 2 or 3 people close to you to such fittings. Mom or close friends will always tell you honestly what you look like in a particular model of dress and whether you should decide for it. Besides, fittings with a group of people close to you will be more fun than alone!I wish all of you who have the fittings planned good luck in finding this one and the most beautiful wedding dress. I hope that thanks to my advice, the fittings will go without any problems!

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